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Welcome to MyFinancesOnline! 

What better way to learn than to teach to others? This is how MyFinancesOnline came to be. I won’t go through my whole life story, but let me just say at this point in my life I would have expected to be in a different place. Why so?  

I’ve made what I think are the choices that allows you to reach financial independence sooner rather than later. And if me, thinking I have done what is needed to get there is feeling that something is not right, I can imagine many others are in a similar situation. This is a conundrum I’ve had for a while, seeing as time passes on but I’m not moving fast enough in the direction I should. What am I not doing right? Is the economy just not working for everyone? All of this brought me to want to write about my personal financial journey. To share my success and my struggles, to provide a glimpse into my financial journey so you can see what has worked and what hasn’t and hopefully keep you from making the same mistakes. This also allows me to gain financial knowledge and share it along the way, and if it can get better, to aid me in getting there. 

This is what this site will be all about. I plan to be honest and help land how the different financial concepts affect your own life and how you can and should benefit from some of the financial instruments or opportunities and avoid others.

Who Am I?

For now my name is John. I am an Engineer with a Masters in Finance and a passion for programming, machine learning, sports and finance. I work for a large company in an analytics function and have worked in finance and business intelligence. Home owner, married no kid$.....yet. 

Enough with the personal show me finances!

As of 2016, not where I want to be. Where do I want to be? I want to be the real owner of my life, own a business with enough free cash flow to travel the world and not be dependent on any one job.

Why am I not there? For one, I depend on my job, no work income, secondly not nearly enough savings to even think of retiring soon. Credit card debt? A big YES. And with kids coming along one day soon I can only imagine my personal finances going through rough waters to come. 

This is a bit of me and a bit of why, and if you yearn for

  • Financial Independence
  • Wealthy Retirement
  • Travel

Being the true owner of your life

You came to the right place... Let the financial journey begin!

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