There are like hundreds of creative and safe ways to hide money at home like an inside tennis ball, in the dummy switch and under the wooden floor. There are several more you will find here.

We never like to think about disasters, burglaries, or other situations that might require us to evacuate our home quickly. However, occasionally these things do happen. If this happens to you, it’s essential that you have a plan in mind of where all your important documents and resources are located so you can retrieve them as soon as possible. When you want to hide money at home or want to store cash at hiding places, you can hide money inside home with some precautions.

The documents we need the most urgently would be passports, birth certificates and social security cards. As for resources, in recent years it’s become common for banks to install safes in some of their rooms so you can store all your important documents. These safes are usually bolted to the floor and locked from the inside.

As to where you should keep these documents safe, they are quite often housed in a safe-deposit box at a nearby bank. If your bank offers a secure Internet access, it would be best to have them stored at an online bank like Link or or with a secure file storage site like Dropbox.

Having emergency cash or cash hidden, you can hide money at hiding places. Floor is such a great place to hide money or keeping cash inside. In past, many people hid money in toilet paper holders. It may be a bad idea as thieves are also aware of spots like toilet paper, cereal box for storing cash.

Is it Safe to Hide Money at Home?

It goes without saying that one of the most common places for burglars to look for items they could sell or pawn is in a home. How about garage door opener or tennis ball, wall clock, fish tank, picture frames and secret compartment to hide money and other valuables?

In fact, security expert Joshua Barber told NBC News that at least half of all burglaries take place at homes. So, what should you do if you’re worried about thieves breaking into your home and stealing your valuables?

This article will give you some helpful tips on how to protect yourself against any potential intruders or theft. You’ll learn more than just how to hide money in plain sight; it will teach you how to protect yourself from other threats as well.

How can I hide my money at home?

Being able to hide money at home has many advantages. When your family or business needs to store extra money for a time, hiding it is the perfect solution. Sometimes this can be important for when you have children and want them to save their allowances in the bank, or you want the peace of mind that your life savings are somewhere safe so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

We’ll go through how you can hide money at home both in major ways and minor, such as putting it in a jar out of site but still within reach of anyone who would need access to it.

Hiding spots like tennis balls, dresser drawer and other tennis balls can be used as hiding places to stash valuables and to keep money safe. There are like hundreds of hiding places like plastic bags and tennis balls where no one can find money and these hiding places server as best places to hide money.

How can you hide money? Maybe you found some hidden place but is it really so safe? Here is the best place to hide money in the home. Some hiding areas are free but other items can be bought that will fit into home decor. The article is here.

Is it Legal to Hide Money at Home?

Yes, it is 100% legal to stash your cash. Some countries, such as the UK, demand that you pay tax on any money you have deposited into your bank account. However, if the money is placed in a jar or something similar then no one will have to know about it and you can leave it there until the time comes when you pay tax.

Many people opt for curtain’s hemming, Ziploc bag, potted plants, sock drawer, soccer ball, couch cushions, and ironing board as best places to hide money.

If they find out and start questioning where it came from, simply say that you found the money or inherited it and they will have no reason to doubt your story.

Small valuables may be stores in random folder or hair brush but money requires best places to hide money like false panel, ceiling tiles, filing cabinet to keep valuables inside.

How can I hide money legally?

Tell me the easiest ways to keep your money secure and protected. There are a few ways you can hide money at home, the first of which is to hide it under the floor. If you have wooden floorboards which are loose, you can place the money underneath so that only a small amount shows. This is often referred to as ‘nail money’. 

While this seems like a good idea, there have been many cases where people have failed to notice hidden money under their floorboards until months or years later. Therefore, we wouldn’t recommend this method unless it’s for a small amount of cash which you don’t mind missing if it goes missing for some reason.

If you want to hide larger amounts of cash at home then we recommend using some other methods of hiding extra cash at home. Keeping money at hiding places requires you to think out of box like cat litter, medicine cabinet, fish tanks, spare tire, sporting equipment, tissue box, toilet tank, laundry hamper, many curtain rods as hiding spots.

Where is the safest place to keep money in the house?

The best place to hide your extra money is in an envelope sealed with glue or tape and under the floorboards or inside a wall. You don’t want anyone to be able to see it, but if you are worried about people seeing it and breaking in then you could hide it in a backpack inside a public place, such as on a bus. But this article is about some of the best places in your home where you can hide money stash.

20 Safest Places to Hide Money at Home

This page lists some of my hidden cash hideout locations: Tanks. In the water tanks at the restroom, plenty of space is left to store money or jewelry. You can start with Ziploc bag, hair brush, cable TV outlets, stuffed animals, kid’s toys, and tennis ball canister for hiding things. Hiding spot like holiday decoration serve as the best places to hide money.

These are some of the places to hide important documents like stock market share. Hiding place like tennis ball can be used to hide bills.

1 – A safe under a safe

Let’s laugh about this. OK. Those are tricks – the wrong way if you will. It’s easier to have someone find a safe when you can give someone an easy win. Although misdirection may sound cliché, it works. It works with magicians. It is to make the searcher believe it is the responsibility of the searcher.

It’s a good move for anyone who has worked so hard to get a place safe. Keep in mind: The closer the individual is, the stronger he believes in the security. Throw someone that wants some bones.

This is similar to the safe deposit box. With this, you get the guarantee that no one will be able to find it. No one can enter without proper credentials. As long as you do not give them access, they will not find your cash ever.

It also keeps you in mind that you have a good reason to keep your money here and not to spend a penny because it’s there ready for use in case of an emergency.

2 – Not in anything that someone is likely to steal

It is common sense; you’ll have to think like a burglar to be successful if you are. Typically burglars in the home are attempting to get valuable objects out. When robbers get money, they can do so. If they cannot, they will take anything they think was valuable. Items that are not included are: a computer screen or a game console.

3 – In the motor of your air conditioner

It requires knowledge. Air conditioner motors turn on the fans that circulate air in the AC. It is vital because it removes cold air from the room. It is in these electromechanical compartments where we hide our money. Almost nothing will give bloggers the freedom to loosen up their electric motors for cash.

4 – Support beams

Supports are a crucial structural element in building a safe and stable load path to transmit weight and force on the structure to the foundation and the soil. The most commonly occupied area in the property can be viewed with a quick inspection.

There is a beam that supports balances forces or moves sand into the foundation so it could be done with less loads or focused on the least heavy beam or rail. In the beam you could drill an area in the uppermost hole and place a hole there. Take the precautions to prevent the building from falling.

5 – Somewhere your kids don’t know

Sometimes when a burglar comes in to your house and steals your home, they usually get robbed because your children are talking. Not to be offensive though peer pressure may cause your kid to reveal more than she should.

What many people don’t realize is that the animals are much smarter than we think. If a burglar comes in, they will always tell the kids so they can run and get help.

6 – In a book

A book is a common way of hiding money. A well-constructed and carved black book provides ideal hiding places for money. Get one black book that does not display any pattern handwriting and remove the inside.

Usually enough to store some cash, making your cash stash as small as possible. Do this and tape the book in the most skilled ways possible.

7 – In frozen turkey

It must be thawed for disclosure. How can a person have enough turkey and chicken for one family? During a power outage, it takes several minutes to melt down and reveal money.

8 – In the bank

It may look like a daily occurrence, but banks are a good place to keep your money secure. Start making payments through a bank account. If you put your money in a bank, your risk of losing it will now go to you. If the people do not meet, change their minds.

9 – In the yard

When you have a lawn that has some privacy, you might dig it out. So your money is secured at the most unlikely location. If you love to garden it is possible to put anything in a pot and watch it grow. Basically, you have to put a stone on your finger that leads to your burial money.

If you want your money to be stored in a house that looks like it has ground access, install a trapdoor in one corner of the property. You will have to make sure this part is not visible from any angle, especially above. To do this, we will have to do some research first and then proceed accordingly.

10 – In dog food

If you’re an avid pet owner and have dogs you can assume you have dog food. The trick is to ensure your feeds stay sanitized. You’ll most likely have to stay alone to find something before it’s over.

11 – In a good safe place

There is a security system very dangerous. There is also an abundance of plays based around the money heist that show how difficult it is for an intruder to access certain safes. If you can find a safe that can easily break in and isn’t easily carried then you will win.

12 – Behind the light switch

It’s essential to have a good understanding of things. If your fear of electrocution is greater, you can go elsewhere. It’s impossible to hide your money and live without it. If you can unlock the light switch, you hide your cash here.

This is also a great idea if you don’t want someone breaking into your house and stealing something big from you. There are very few places in your house where people can touch without getting shocked. For this reason, you want to hide money in these places where it is out of reach and nobody will find it.

13 – In the wall

Walls are another alternative that works but needs thought. If we create some wall that nobody could see then we can keep ourselves from being in harm’s way. Obviously it’ll be as incongruous as possible. You can use this to hide your valuables. If you want to, you can get a real safe.

14 – In another house

If you’d like that money or have rented the same house, you can put that money there because nobody knows you are the owner and only you knew you kept money inside.

15 – In the attic

Have you ever used your attic space as a place to hide your money? What kind of strange animal have you hidden cash in your house?

The attic is a good place to hide cash. You can put it there, signal an animal to find it and then pretend you found it because you’re going away for two weeks. Just install an electronic bug and see if he was lying about leaving.

The best thing about the attic is that it’s the easiest place to hide things in your home and you can easily unlock with a screwdriver.

16 – A safe deposit box

Where do you keep your money? Did you think of a bank safe deposit box? This is one of the most secure ways to keep money at home. The only way someone can get this is with a bank employee who has access to the lock.

These banks are heavily guarded and give total security for your cash (obviously there are cases of robbery, but in general, it’s really safe). If you feel like investing some cash, consider opening a bank safe deposit box or even better than that invest in real estate.

17 – In a dish

When you buy food that is to serve later, don’t eat it all at once. Instead, put the food into a dish with a lid, and then seal it with tape or by sticking holes into it.

Then put the dish in the space of your choice. You can hide cash this way too, because there is no visible change in the quantity of food on your table. This idea looks kind of complicated; but actually it’s not.

18 – In a metal box filled with pennies

There are many ways to hide metal boxes filled with coins such as hiding the box between the mattresses, the bottom of a cabinet or an air vent.

You just need to know where it is located and how much money that you have so that you can buy something small at the same time. This will prevent anyone from stealing your money because there are not many places where they can get it if all other options have been discovered too.

19 – In a plastic box filled with coins

The plastic box filled with coins may not be as safe as the metal box because it is easier to see through. However, if you do this, you will notice that there has been some kind of theft. You can test it by moving all the money every month and then track its movement.

It will also help you keep track of how much cash you have. Just make sure that no one sees you when moving the money around.

20 – Rope in your attic or basement

When we think about where to store our money, we usually tend to focus on physical objects such as cash or a safe. This is a great alternative but also considered a safe way to keep your money.

If you’re bothered by burglars, this is the best way to know that they will be unable to take it from you. Many of these rope boxes are waterproof and are not easy to break.

Why do people hide money?

It seems that everyone’s secret is common. Similar reasons to hiding money by rich people are similar to hiding money by less wealthy citizens. Even if you disagree with that argument it seems fundamental to human life for a person to plan on what could never happen. Sometimes these preparations include concealing things.

Have a friend who is nosy? Have him or her dig through your trash looking for clues of money in plain sight. You can also get your spouse to come over every month and search for cash in all your places (including the kitchen, bathroom and closet).

Storing Money at Home vs Bank

Storing your cash at home is relatively safe and proves much more secure. The reason why the government differs on this topic is because they feel that the money isn’t easily stolen (and they’re sure it’s not).

Bank robbers will steal money overnight so it’s not as much of an issue. They’d prefer to take things like gold, jewelry and retirement funds instead of your cash.

This puts you at a disadvantage because thieves know what makes easy to break into and easy to steal, so you have to find another way to hide your money. If you’re going to hide your money at home, you want to make it as secure as possible.

There are many places in your house that prevent theft. The most common are the bathrooms, closets and the attic. Even though these are very useful places of hiding things, they have one disadvantage: they are not safe. In fact, there is more chance that it can be stolen if we don’t take any special precautions to protect against possible theft.

Always be Careful while Hiding Money at Home

If you noticed that someone may try to steal your money, it is good to take some precautions:

  • Keep your home locked as much as possible. You should also keep the keys handy so that if someone tries to enter by force, you can confront them with a key and prevent them from entering. The best way for this is to keep the keys close by.
  • When you hide your money at home you should know that some thieves use this method because they know it’s not safe. It becomes a bit more risky when you hide money in places like the attic space, inside books or between mattresses. Now you should avoid hiding money in those places.
  • There are other techniques that you may use to prevent theft; for example, put an alarm system or attach cameras.
  • Don’t tell anyone about the location of your hidden cash. Tell your family and friends only if you trust them and make sure they know how to protect it.
  • In the end, don’t forget to hide your money well! Many people forget this very important step because they think that thieves wouldn’t think of it because there is no money in any obvious place.


Hiding your money is a very useful way to protect yourself from theft and also from being robbed by some of the most creative burglars. We have tried to provide some unique ways that will make your money a lot more secure.

If you’re looking for new ideas, we can continue this topic further in our next post. Thanks for reading!

A good choice if you do not want someone to open and destroy your safe deposit box is using a bomb-proof container. This will prevent any external tool to be used by robbers and they will be forced to call the police and wait until they arrive.