Having goals in your life is something that we all know and realize but never put real effort into it. Purpose gives true meaning to your life and gives you a clear path to get something done in your life. Making your life goals in life is a very important thing to make sure that you achieve them as soon as possible in your life.

The higher purpose of doing something bigger or having a purpose, passion, could make your world a whole lot better and full of purpose. The world is big enough to even notice your existence so being a member of the community, you must believe that life’s journey for self and soul need to be bigger than just worrying about the post, free stuff, or something bigger than yourself.

I am sure that you must be thinking about how I can achieve these things. Here are some of the tips and techniques that you can follow. Your world and life’s purpose and believe revolve around a journey and story (whatever truth you believe or tell for self satisfaction). The purpose of life could be something related to post at job, passion for sports, free will, community service, job for living or wish for power. Maybe it would better if you spend some time to figure wish for perspective, passion, journey, power, money, maybe true story that would change your life forever.

First, you should know what are the things that you want to achieve in life?  What do you want to get out of the equations? You must be clear of your desires before targeting them on yourself.

Secondly, you must be clear of what your options are. It is very important that you have a clear idea about your choices. Your goal can be achieved in different ways. So never restrict yourself to one way.

Third, it is very necessary for you to have the whole plan of the things that you want to achieve in life. Make a plan and then execute it with full devotion and dedication! 

Fourth, cultivate the habit of learning every day from every step of your life! Make sure that you learn from everything irrespective of its nature! This will help you enrich yourself and give more energy to achieve more goals in life!

Fifth, never forget to enjoy every moment of your life. Never think the present is going to be the same as it always tends to change. So make sure that you enjoy and live each moment of your life with full intensity! This will help you make more successful goals in life and live a more happy life!

What do you mean by Life Goals?

Life Goals are something that you want to achieve in your life. These goals are the things that you want to achieve in your life. These things are related to some of your decisions in life.

You can have different kinds of Life Goals like Career Goals, Personal Growth Goals, Academic Goals, and Non-Academic Goals etc.

Life goals are the things that a person wants reach in his/her life. These goals reflect their true nature and personality as these people tend to work hard for the achievement of these things. 

People should have some kind of dreams and visions for the betterment of themselves as well as for the society as a whole.

List of Goals to set for yourself

Making a list of goals to achieve in life is very important as it reflects your true nature and your personality. You need to know that life’s journey that you follow to feel free is not all about you. Passion for something, to create something bigger, serving community, power, sign to contribute to someone else cause could helo to live in community as a soul that spend something worth living.

It also helps you to improve yourself according to your own expectations. Below are some of the goals that you can set for yourself:

1- My Career Goals

These kinds of goals are the things that a person wants to reach his/her job and make a good name in his/her profession.  These kinds of goals are purely related to one’s profession.

2- My Health Goals

Heath goals include things like staying fit, losing weight, doing exercises etc., These kinds of things make our life much better and healthier. So do think of setting some health goals for yourself.

3- My Educational Goals

These are the things that a person wants to achieve in his/her life like getting a degree, getting a good score in examination etc., These kinds of goals are purely related to one’s education.

4- My Personal Growth Goals

These kinds of things include things like becoming mature, bettering your habits, controlling your actions etc., These kinds of goals are purely related to personal growth and improvement. 

5- My Social Goals

These goals reflect the true nature and personality of a person as these are the things that they want to achieve in their life.  Social goals can reflect some noble qualities in a person.  These kinds of things include doing charity work, helping the needy, being friendly etc.

So never forget to set some goals for yourself and achieve them to improve yourself!

How often should you accomplish your Goals?  The answer depends on how you want to live the rest of your life. It’s about how much time you want to invest in achieving your goals. When I started writing my first book , I decided to make it a part-time business. So I sat down with a piece of paper and pencil and figured out what had to be done at what time and when.

Common Goals in Life

There are hundreds and thousands of reasons why people “set goals” in their lives. I think the most common and most important reason is to improve ourselves through that process. Each one of us has a different personality, ideas, thoughts and goals. We all have a different goal for living a certain lifestyle but the real question is whether we are willing to work toward it or not.

Being in control of your life is the ultimate goal which you strive for. You may be against chaos, uncertainty or any other unwanted influence in your life – all you do is setting goals and try to achieve it as soon as possible.

So firstly set your goals then try to reach them. Make sure you have clear vision and a plan for it. Make sure that you not only set goals but also carry them out in your life. Only this will make you a successful person in your life.

Difference between Long Term and Short Term Goals

Short term goals are something which people have to work towards in a relatively shorter period of time. But long term goals are something which can be achieved in a longer period of time. Long term goals should not be neglected as they reflect your personality and your true nature.

So make sure that you develop the habit of setting both short and long term goals into your life. One should take care of both the short and long term goals in his/her life and try to achieve them both for the betterment of his/her life.

1- My Long Term Goals

My long term goals are things that need time to be achieved. These things take time because of their nature. So developing the habit of achieving long term goals is very necessary for a person’s happiness and success in their life.

2- My Short Term Goals

My short term goals are the things that I can achieve in a relatively shorter period of time. These are the things which can help me in reaching my goals in life.

How to Set Goals for yourself?  There are various ways and methods which you can adopt to set goals for yourself. Here are some of the ways that you can use:

1- Family Goals

Set goals for your family as a family to make them happy, satisfied and successful. It’s very important that the whole family is on the same page with their objectives. It will be a great source of support for each other.

2- Friends Goals  

You may have some friends who have similar interests with you. You can make some interesting activities with them that can benefit you both. You can help each other by keeping in touch and sharing different ideas, thoughts and feelings.

3- Friends and Family Goals

It’s really an awesome thing to reach out to your family members and friends to share new goals with them which will help you to improve your life. These people are really a great source of providing each other’s support. 

4- Goals for Society

Society includes all kinds of communities like family, friends, neighbors; office colleagues etc., These kind of people can be helpful in achieving our goals in your life as they can provide different sources of motivation, support and ideas which is very important for the achievement of goals in life.

5- Goals for Myself

This is the most important thing to set goals for one. This means that you should take care of your own goals and try to achieve them for the betterment of your life. Make sure that you also start taking care of your health, personality, relationships etc.,

Fund Goals to set for yourself

There is no specific answer to judge how long it would take to reach your goals. We all live for something that makes our life worth living. This world also has some perspective that could contribute to the progress of the cycle of night and truly a day. Here are some of the things that you can do in order to achieve your goals in life:

1- Start Small

You may have big and unrealistic dreams. But you need to start small and create a foundation which can help you to reach your dream later. Once you have created a foundation then you can set more realistic goals for yourself which will not only help you in reaching your goal but also bring success into your life. Simply starting off with small steps will surely help you a lot!

2- Set Realistic Goals

The next thing that I want to tell here is try not to set unrealistic goals for you. It will just be hard for you to achieve them. Lives are short and we know how to follow purpose and reason to feel free and hear the sound of nature’s callings.

3- Set Goals

Set realistic goals according to your individual qualities and capabilities. You can take help of some books which have been written on setting goals. These are really helpful in helping you in achieving your goals. So always try to start off with small and realistic goals before you set the big unrealistic ones for yourself!

4- Focus on Your Long Term Goals

Sometimes we tend to ignore the long-term goals that we have. But it’s important that you should focus on these long-term goals since they form a part of your personality and life style. Fulfillment of purpose in lifetime or to make them happen in the right direction has its own joy. You must not think of excuses and reason to feel down. Instead, you need to ask question why you want to lose and hit a barrier instead of finding purpose to fill and address the purposes that are published in this article.

5 Common Goals for Men

Every person has different goals in their life. Some may have the same kind of goals while others have different goals. So here I am going to tell you about some the common goals that most men have in their life:

1- Goal of Getting Rich

You may be thinking that getting rich is a very big thing. But that’s not true at all! You can not only get wealthy but also fulfill many other dreams and goals in your life by being wealthy. If you are focused on your financial status then this will help you to reach your goal in a fast way.

2- Goal of Good Health

Good health is very important for every person’s wellbeing and self-satisfaction. It’s very important that you should pay attention towards your goal of good health.

3- Goal of Good Personality

Being a person with a nice and good personality will surely help you in achieving your goal of a happy life. So make sure that you work on yourself to improve your personality so that you can start achieving your goals in life without facing any problems or difficulties!

4- Goal of Having Good Friends and Family

The people who are close, related to you like brother, sister, friends and family members are really helpful in achieving goals. They basically give you all the support and motivation which is necessary for the achievement of goals in life.

5- Goal of Good Education

Good education is another important thing to achieve. Having good and quality education is one more way to achieve your goals.

Goals in Life for a Woman

It’s a common fact that women are more concerned with the family, friends and the society than men. Some people would like to have a happy life, some people want to earn as much money as they can, some people want to get married, but it is not necessary that every woman wants these things in their life.

So here I am going to tell you some of the most important things that women should do:

1- Goal of Happiness

2- Goal of Love and Romance

3- Goal of starting a happy family

4- Goal of being educated and independent

5- Goal of giving right and advance education to her kids


For every age group, there needs to be some particular time in your life which is comfortable for you. So you should choose a particular time in your life like young age, middle age, old age and the last part of your life where you will feel comfortable.

For example, if you are in your twenties then this part of your life would be full of fun and all new things but if you are already in the last part of your old age then it would just be full of regret, sorrow and regretful thoughts.