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Commandos Behind Enemy Lines is an Action, Adventure, and Strategy game for PC published by Kalypso Media Digital in Following are the primary features of Commando Behind Enemy Lines Free Download you will have the ability to experience after the initial. Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is the first chapter of a famous tactical game series created by the Spanish studio Pyro and published by Eidos.

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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a tactical game set in World War II in which you take control of a team of commandos to carry out a variety of missions.

Each member of your commando squad has different skills which you will have to use to avoid guards destroy enemy weapons nests assassinate targets rescue allies and more. The game’s isometric view shows the whole map at once letting you plan out your strategy in advance. In the game, the player assumes the role of an allied officer, who has been entrusted to command a group of commandos on each of the game’s twenty missions that they undertake.

A briefing given before a mission begins is divided into two parts – the first, focuses on the background of the mission and where it takes place, and the second, using the mission’s map, details the objectives the commandos must complete, any important information they need to know, and what they must use to escape the area. Commandos features six commandos that the player can control, though each mission gives a specific subset of commandos that the player can use to complete objectives, though a mission is failed if any of the commandos are killed in action.

In addition to their abilities, all commandos carry a handgun that they can use as a last resort to defend themselves. The game’s emphasis is towards stealth and carefully planned tactics rather than gun battles, as the commandos will not survive for long if shot at. The game’s enemies are divided into ranks – soldiers, who are armed with rifles or MP40 sub-machine guns; sergeants, armed with service pistols, with some manning fixed machine-gun nests and thus do not leave their posts as a result; and officers, who are also armed with pistols.

In addition to foot soldiers, some missions also include enemy tanks and armored cars operating in the area. As a rule, all enemies are on alert, and thus man guard posts or conduct patrols in the area, either by themselves or a group of three or four men, searching for anything suspicious. However, the player can monitor the line of sight of the enemy during a mission and thus use it to plan their moves, although they can only keep tabs on a single enemy’s field of vision at any one time.

An enemy’s field of vision is represented by a cone in front of them, colored green, that extends out from an enemy to a certain distance, and is divided into two sections – close range, represented by light green, in which commandos will be spotted if they step into this area; and long range, represented by dark green, in which commandos will only be spotted if they are standing up when they step into this area.

If any commando is spotted, enemies will usually order them to halt in order to capture them, and will only fire on them if they fail to comply or witness any hostile action.

If an enemy detects something suspicious, such as seeing footprints or dead bodies, or hearing gunshots and other unusual noises, they will immediately investigate what the cause is.

In most missions, an alarm will be raised if the enemy discovers they are under attack, such as an explosion happening in their vicinity. When this happens, the enemy will be more active and will more likely shoot the commandos if they see them, and more soldiers will deploy from garrisons, marked by flags, to patrol the area.

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Commandos behind enemy lines free download windows 10


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