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When using any new application or software, it is almost impossible to figure out how it works completely, and more often than not, users are usually forced to seek help in case of a fault. This can be done in the form of troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is the tracing and correction of faults whether mechanically or physically. PDF expert like any other software has its faults and its users can at times have to troubleshoot to find some solutions.

The majority of the PDF expert troubleshooting are common among users and below we look at the top 5 PDF expert troubleshooting and their solutions. The problem is that most people have the confusion for the problems ” where the path is to send emails” or “PDF Expert email attachments not working”.

Emails issues in PDF Expert are usually done via the email application. I would suggest you to uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader and install the latest Adobe reader and check if it works.

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Computer Freezes when Opening PDF File – Microsoft Community – Editors’ Review

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