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It’s very clumsy but even if that’s the only way to do it – add a very clear link in the help docs to explain it. I’ve also sent this to support so I am guessing they will fix it as overall Xero is good with that sort of stuff. This has just been something that’s been missed. Did anyone ever find the answer to this? No one ever answered this question! This is absolutely crap service from Xero. I’m sick of having to answer the secret questions to get access to the app.

It’s a hinderance. Xero didn’t answer the question properly and didn’t fix the problem. I’ve recently changed phones, so google authenticator stopped working. Instructions in the help are incorrect and a process needs to be updated for change of phone.

It should be made much easier. Thanks so much, everyone – not sure I would ever have been able to work this out, but glad to know I’m not the only one! Great answer from John Kurta. Managed to get in – the official answer from Xero was so rubbish that it actually confused things not improved them. Appreciate the feedback – Sometimes messages can land differently for each person. Good to hear, one of the solutions provided here has helped you get in. Thanks Richard Trurong.

Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. View This Post. QR Code. Hi, Where can i get my QR code to to set up my authentication app?

I have a new phone and need to set this up all over again. Or if i want to set it up manually, where can i find the “key”. Rya from Plateau Trees. Angie Wilkins , Karissa Maclean , and 4 others like this. Hope this helps! All Answers. I’d like to know this also Thanks Troy. Yes, me too And me! What I did was: Login into XERO using back up email Go to Account in the top right hand corner Change authentication method from 6 digit pin to questions Change back to 6 digit pin Then QR code appeared Once QR code was scanned on the new phone 6 digit pin appeared Entered 6 digit pin from google authenticator into XERO Xero then synced to my new phone Instructions in the help are incorrect and a process needs to be updated for change of phone.

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Insert QR Code on Sales invoices – Xero Central

As far as I can tell there has been no reply from Xero on this. Log in to answer. If yes can you guide us how to источник статьи it? Select 6-digit as the token length, and click Save. Maya, that answer жмите good qr code for xero. Sheryll Fisher.