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Fix ‘Dark Mode Not Working in Windows 10’ Issue of [June] – Bollyinside.5 Ways to Fix File Explorer Dark Mode Not Working Issue

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While Windows 10 is great for customization options , this may also cause File Explorer dark mode to stop working. Here is how you can revert to Windows 10 default theme:. There are many third-party apps designed to apply themes to Windows 10 or change folder icon colors. While these apps help you create a user interface that suits your preferences, they might stop File Explorer properly rendering dark mode. If you have installed customization apps, disable or remove them to prevent future problems.

You may have installed a customization app a long time ago and forgot about it, and it has come back to cause an issue. You can access the complete list of apps installed on your device and begin figuring out what is causing the issue.

Check for any old customization tools, and remove them. In this post, you can know how to do that with Task Scheduler. There is another way to set Dark Mode.

That is using Registry Editor. Here is the guide:. If the File Explorer Dark Mode not working issue is a bug caused by Windows itself, Microsoft will release updates to fix issue soon.

Therefore, please check whether there are Windows updates. Please refer to the following steps:. But please note that you should use these third-party programs at your own risk. Author Linda has been working as an editor at MiniTool for 1 year. But there are some situations when it may be necessary to find your Windows key and enter it Safe mode in Windows 10 strips the Microsoft operating system down to its most vital functions. In the case of many critical hardware or software errors, Windows 10 can still be booted in safe mode.

This makes diagnosing and repairing errors much simpler. Read on and learn how to boot safe mode in Windows Modern file systems and SSD data carriers make defragmentation almost superfluous and can even be more harmful than beneficial. Windows 10 takes care of this once time-consuming process automatically in the background, without users noticing any delay.

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Grab your favorite domain name today! Matching email. SSL certificate. Save now. Option 1: manage Windows 10 dark mode via the settings The settings application is the quickest and easiest option for enabling and disabling Windows 10 dark mode.

This option is only available from Windows 10 Version Step 1: open the settings app To open the settings app, enter the corresponding term into the search field in the task bar. Open the settings app via the search field in the task bar. Alternatively, you can open the personalization area via the desktop context menu. Step 4: Define other settings You also have the option to choose an accent color. Customize Windows 10 dark mode with an accent color for certain elements.


5 Ways to Fix File Explorer Dark Mode Not Working Issue

Right-click Start. Click Settings. Select Personalization. Open the Themes menu; From the available themes, select Windows. How to Fix File Explorer Dark Theme Not Working on Windows 10 · Windows 10 Dark Mode · Right-click Start Menu and click Settings · Click Update &. Under Choose Your Default App Mode, click the radio button next to Light. Restart your PC, and then re-open the screen Choose Your Default App.


15 Fixes For File Explorer Dark Theme Not Working

Mar 20,  · Method 1: Update your Windows 10 build to the latest version. One of the first things you should try if you’re encountering this issue is to update your Windows 10 build to the latest version. Keep in mind that the Dark theme was released a beta version for a lot of Windows 10 builds. Jan 02,  · Step 1: Right-click on the desktop and then select Personalize on the context menu. On the Personalization window, click the side-tab labeled themes. Step 2: Under Apply a Theme, click on the. Dec 31,  · There are three causes for Windows 10 Dark Mode not working. Dark Mode won’t work correctly as previous Windows 10 versions had bugs and glitches present in the beta release of the Dark Theme. Microsoft has since released a patch that you can get while installing updates for Windows. However, some users have reported having issues setting Dark Theme on .